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Helicopter Charter Services

Enjoy fast long distance travel and VIP treatment.

Turkenya Helicopter charter services allows you to travel as a VIP allowing you to enjoy the VIP treatment whilst taking advantage of an efficient mode of transport. Use our Helicopter services for your safari expeditions, fast long distance travel, special events, aerial filming and more.

Helicopter VIP Tranfer

Time is of essence, use it wisely.

Enjoy VIP helicopter ride.

With Turkenya, you benefit from a reliable service that gives you maximum fulfillment of your trip not worrying about time wastage and other forms of delays, that lead to bad experiences. Our highly qualified personnel handle all the travel arrangements and details in a safe and knowledgeable manner. Kindly call us for more details and flight arrangement.

Safari Tours
Nature trail expeditions/trips.

Experience fascinating adventure as you travel and tour places from above.

Special Events
Arrive to functions in style

Choose events you wish to be dropped by a chopper, we have the best rates.

Film & Photography
Aerial shots for documentaries and films.

Aerial shots give you a wide and more rich captivating field of view.

Safari wild
from the air.

The “Great Migration” takes place every year from July to October when millions of wildebeest and zebra migrate from the Serengeti in Tanzania; it is without a doubt one of Africa’s most famous safari destinations and Turkenya Tours & Safaris Ltd  gives you this chance to experience one of Kenya`s greatest Safari Tour.

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Turkenya offers quite a variety of vehicles for your different needs. Have a look at what we have to offer.