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Bus & Shuttles

Turkenya bus & shuttle services

We have dedicated alot of time and effort to see that we provide the most comfortable travel experience in Kenya as possible. We have a wide range of buses and shuttles at your service.


7 and 8 seater cars available.

We have vans available for hire especially for big family expeditions and travel.


We have 9 and 11 seater shuttles

Our shuttles gives you the maximum comfort-ability for its capacity. We make sure our shuttles are well serviced so that we are able to guarantee a relaxing travel as possible.

Mini Bus

Our mini buses are the best suited for tourists, corporate groups, schools, institutions & more

Turkenya’s mini buses offer luxury and being up to date with the latest technologies in the transport sector, we assure maximum safety, comfort and efficiency.


We offer the 45 seater and above in this category

We have very few words to sum up about our big bus. Its the most comforatable and luxurious and this makes us very confident to say that it’s worth your money. For large numbers of people, this is the ideal transport we can offer.

  • Safe
    We offer the safest travel experience possible.

    Turkenya strives to offer its clients the most safe experience while traveling with any of our fleet vehicles. Our drivers have long term experience and certified training to make sure we guarantee your safety.

  • Comfort
    Experience maximum comfort on the road.

    While travelling its always good to travel comfortably so that you reduce the general amount of fatigue that comes with travelling. Our vehicles are new well designed to give you maximum comfort as you travel.

  • Luxurious
    Enjoy the elegant and great experience.

    Start enjoying memorable events are you travel in the comfort of your neatly conditioned seat and freshly encapsulating air from our well maintained air conditioners as you travel to your destination.

  • Reliable
    You need us, we got your back.

    Starting from the well trained and experienced drivers our vehicles are highly serviced to ensure maximum safety and reliability as you travel to your destination.