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Air ticketing

Discover the best rates on your next flight

Turkenya has many years of experience working with airline companies. We have had the privilege of helping many of our customers reserve & book flights at highly discounted rates. We know the seasons, times and airlines that have great discounts. Feel free to talk to us anytime.

Start saving money today.

Let Turkenya handle your ticketing, you can never go wrong with us.

Domestic & International Flights

At Turkenya, we help you reserve and book for your local and international flights. Some of the flight booking services we offer to our clients include: International holidays, Business & Educational trips, Group tours, Scheduled and tailor made tours, Medical tourism booking, Honeymoon destination holidays, Hotel reservations and more.

Business Trips
Planning for a business trip?

Turkenya supports business persons looking for the discounted rates to their destinations.

Holiday Tours.
Plan for a holiday trip with us

Turkenya organizes and plans holiday trips for family, groups, couples and more.

Medical Tourism
Need professional equipment & doctor?

Enjoy world class health care services at affordable rates.

Flight booking &

At Turkenya, we offer discounted and cheap international flights to a range of world-wide destinations. Choose from business class, economy or first class travel tickets as you plan for your official or holiday trip.

We have thousands of satisfied customers who come back every time. Why not be a part of them? We are very delighted to help out on your travel. For the cheapest international flights and deals, you need to check in at our offices or call us to find out the cheapest deals at the moment.

Domestic & regional
Flight booking &

Turkenya offers domestic and regional air ticketing for customers who want a stress free and convenient  travel. Choose chater flights for different locations locally and across the region.

We have partnered with some of the local airline companies to offer affordable rates either for safari tours, holidays, group travel and more. We have very friendly staff to assist in the whole reservation process. Don’t miss your flight. We do follow ups using calls, emails and sms to keep you updated on your flight details. Don’t stay in the dark, choose Turkenya today, we are here to serve you.

Kindly check out our car rental services

Turkenya offers quite a variety of vehicles for your different needs. Have a look at what we have to offer.